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Sharing under-reported news and information from and about Japan. Videos for people who care about privacy, free speech, and a free internet. 非常に過小報告されてる日本についてのニュースや情報を共有したいと思います。プライバシー保護、言論の自由、そしてネットの自由に信じてる方々はぜひ見て下さい! B̲i̲t̲c̲h̲u̲t̲e̲: Y̲o̲u̲T̲u̲b̲e̲: M̲a̲s̲t̲o̲d̲o̲n̲: T̲w̲i̲t̲t̲e̲r̲:

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  • The "No One Cares" Show, Ep.23: Why Should I Trust Yuri Bezmenov? In which Bezmenov's theory of demoralization is critically examined, particularly regarding its complete irreversibility, and the worrying logical conclusion this worldview leads to.

  • The next episode of our Bitchute exclusive topic discussion series is now live: The "No One Cares" Show, Ep.22: Carlos, Gone In which we examine the details surrounding the arrest of one Carlos Ghosn, prolific businessman and former chairman of Nissan, including some lesser known facts that paint an entirely different picture of his sudden and aggressive prosecution.

  • No One Cares Episode 22 is rendering now. Went a little longer than I usually like to go (almost 30 minutes!) but there's a lot of meat on the bones of this story, so it needed the time. Should be up within the day, if all goes well.

  • Thanks to @bitchute , our channel there now accepts tips via both BitBacker and CoinPayments. Happily, this means Monero is an option now. Also Tronix, because why not.

  • Hot damn, Bitchute has actually incorporated BitBacker AND CoinPayments into site Monetization. This changes a few things.

  • Now that things have settled down, I intend to do a deep dive on a topic I always wanted to cover: the situation with Carlos Ghosn and his indefinite detention in Tokyo. I've always wanted to excuse to go into the Japanese "justice" system in some detail, and this is a good a chance as any.

  • The "No One Cares" Show, Ep. 21: The State of t̶h̶e̶ ̶U̶n̶i̶o̶n̶ Bitchute In which we discuss the state of Bitchute in light of SubscribeStar's return, evaluate progress towards promised features, and examine some places it could stand to improve. SOURCES: Bitchute Github Repository - Bitchute on SubscribeStar - Bitchute on BitBacker - CommentFreely website - CommentFreely Sneak Peak video -

  • A video on our investigation into Bitchute's "Chutoken" system is almost complete, and will ideally be up tomorrow or the day after.

  • Got an answer from #smartcash about the mic permissions: "It's not being used right now. We may add voice ID as an alternative login method in the future. We're using the camera to scan QR codes" This is not unreasonable, though I think throwing that permission in before strictly needing it isn't the wisest move. A disclaimer about the permission in the app desc might be worthwhile. That said, the source code for the SmartCash wallet does appear to be fully open source: that goes a long way to alleviating concerns. That said, if I ever run this wallet, I think I'll be permablocking mic access as a precaution.

  • Hey everyone. We've gone ahead and added a BCH address to this account (finally), but I'm not 100% I've set it up right...using Electron Wallet for the first time. If you'd like, feel free to help test it out by sending BCH :^)

  •, uh..does anybody know why the official SmartCash wallet for Android requires microphone access permission? That seems a little weird.

  • Thanks to the helpful people of r/Monero, I think I've got a solid grounding of how to test Bitchute's "chutoken" network and see how widely deployed it is. Expect updates this week, if all goes well, with a full report once its all wrapped up.

  • @jonathan_silverblood I have a situation where somebody has forked the Monero software into their own version, to create their own blockchain for something. I want to check to see if there are any nodes of this Monero fork deployed and running. In order to do this, would I need to install and run the software myself? Do you know where and what I would need to look for to see if the node is communicating with any other instances of the same software? I have a link to a repo if that would help.

  • I've added some new tiers to celebrate the new system. I look forward to interacting with you all. Thank you for reading my blog post

  • To the BitBacker Community: I need to talk to somebody with experience in the technical implementation side of blockchain software. I have a few questions for an investigation of sorts, and would appreciate outside help and input if anybody's willing. Thanks.

  • So apparently Bitchute was doing a fork of Monero for their own internal token system. Surprisingly, this is the first I've ever heard of it...and I'm an avid Bitchuter, but I only found this out after doing some incidental research into their funding situation.

  • Whoa, whoa...Zcash devs were actively mulling "ethical backdoors" into their own blockchain? Fuck that, I'm never touching them if that's the case.

  • I'm sure this is low on the list of priorities, but if possible it might be a good idea for @bitbacker to use the Enterprise Onion Toolkit to make a Hidden Service version of BitBacker at some point:

  • The "No One Cares" Show, Ep. 20: JASRAC is Literal Cancer (Chemo as yet Unscheduled) In which we outline exactly how JASRAC (the Japanese Society for the Rights of Authors and Composers) is destroying music culture, again, before suggesting an easy solution that will probably never be considered or used. Support our work with crypto-mining: Or PowerChat here. Or just don't, whatever's good :^)

  • The "No One Cares" Show, Ep. 19: Japan's "Cashless Chaos" In which some followup is given to close the issue of Epic Games and Monero, before moving on to discuss the plethora of cashless payment systems in Japan, their obvious pitfalls, and the risks of asking the government to fix what isn't broken.

  • Hey @bitbacker I've found a bug in notifications I think. My wall posts are being reported as Powerchats, and clicking on the link to them from notification ends in a Server Error (500).

  • Got a reply from Spagni on the Epic/Globee/Monero situation.

  • The "No One Cares" Show, Ep. 18.5: The Globee Shuffle, or the Mystery of the Missing Payment Option In which Epic Games reveals that it somehow enabled crypto payments by accident, after which nobody can keep their stories straight and the noise of some is eclipsed by the silence of others. Support our work with crypto-mining: Or pledge directly here in BitBacker.

  • Further followup on the Fortnite/Monero situation...Riccardo Spagni is being very evasive, Globee is maintaining radio silence, and a lot of stories aren't adding up. I don't think this is necessarily sinister, I just think somebody screwed up and now nobody wants to lose face. This warrants some followup.

  • Okay, so this is weird... That's a very unusual accident, but I guess no spending XMR for that Durrburger Onesie after all...

  • I'm curious, @bitbacker ...are there any plans for a mobile app or an API in the future?

  • The "No One Cares" Show, Ep. 18: Dab on that Blockchain Surveillance In which Epic Games' exclusive embrace of Monero (courtesy or presumed lobbying by Project Coral Reef) is put under the microscope, alongside the US Department of Homeland Security, who seek to put private blockchains under a microscope of their own. Support our work with crypto-mining:

  • Looking more into the Fortnite/Monero thing. There's actually some meat on this story...

  • Happy New Year, and my reflections on the use of #crypto by doujin circles at this Winter Comiket.

  • Jesus christ...The Fortnite store is taking crypto now. But only Monero. wtf I love Fortnite now.

  • ...and Tokyo Comic Market 95 has come to a close. Very thankful to everyone who came. We offered BTC and XMR as payment options, but sadly no takers, lol Ah well. Maybe next time ^^

  • Two days into Tokyo Comic Market, it's good to see more doujin circles accepting #crypto and taking advantage of technology for payments. That said, there are a lot of stumbling blocks that prevent it from being too slow and unwieldy. A crowded venue like Big Sight will always have mobile network congestion, which interferes with speedy confirmation. But worse, a lack of prep can add needless obstacles to the transaction. I was given a QR for a wallet and an amount in BTC. My wallet is auto set to mBTC to avoid ridiculous decimals. I mistakenly entered the BTC number given unthinkingly, which the wallet interpreted as an unacceptably low volume of mBTC. This could have been avoided with a payment request QR, that most wallets offer. Every little difficulty, or any delay of even a handful of seconds discourages crypto use for smoother, faster centralized alternatives. Or good old cash, of course. A little forward thinking and preparation is a must. Vendors beware!

  • YouTube Channel hit 1000 Subs! Gave BitBacker another plug, lol

  • Printed off social media contact flyers for our table at Winter Comic Market 95 in Tokyo. Of course, we've added a link to BitBacker too.

  • Bitchute version finally got scraped. "Anonymous no Kenkai" Ep. 13, The Lie of "Global Standards"

  • Anonymous no Kenkai Ep.13: The Lie of "Global Standards" Starting in mid-October 2018, a number of Japanese adult game makers publishing through Sony on the Playstation 4 announced that some of their content would either be censorsed, or outright removed. Some might blame the 2020 Olympics. But the reality is, Sony and Japan may have found themselves caught up in a culture war they don't fully understand.

  • Man, if I thought "shitposter" was hard, "deplatforming" is really busting my balls to translate.

  • Translation Notes: trying to find a suitable Japanese term to transliterate "shitposter" is really hard.

  • Oh shit, XMR.TO interoperability with Bitbacker confirmed. This opens up a number of possibilities.

  • Working on our next video now. It's going to be addressing the censorship wave as it's affecting Sony, the PS4, and the Japanese adult visual novel industry.

  • So does an account need a livestream link set up for PowerChats to work here?

  • "Anonymous no Kenkai", Ep.12: The Public Blockchain Trap Virtual currencies allow the free exchange of value between individuals. But by the same token, open blockchains allow the total surveillance of all association between users. As the government tightens its control over the cryptocurrency market in Japan, how can individual users protect their financial privacy? #crypto

  • The "No One Cares" Show, Ep.11: I Told You So In which the National Police Agency grants themselves omniscient power over the blockchain, adding yet one more brick to the wall being built around the Japanese cryptocurrency space. #crypto

  • The "No One Cares" Show, Ep.8: Muh DigiShekels In which Japan's status as a "crypto haven" is critically examined, the Japanese government's true motives in embracing cryptocurrency are glimpsed in the contrast of their hostility to techno-libertarianism, and we discuss how Japan wants to have its blockchain cake and eat it too. #crypto

  • I figured I'd go back through my old videos and post all the #crypto related ones here. But I'll be less single-issue going forward.

  • Oh snap, I'm press now. Somebody get my Pulitzer ready.

  • I've decided to start posting links to my Bitchute videos here on BitBacker, and to start using BitBacker itself as a kind of tip jar. I was already doing that with the browser mining and #crypto addresses before, but I'll add this as well just out of convenience, and a desire to promote the platform.

  • The "No One Cares" Show, Ep.17: Mo' Platforms, Less Problems feat. Interview with @bitbacker

  • @bitbacker in the interests of doing due diligence before giving a recommendation, I had some questions. Do you mind me asking them here, and is there a FAQ section I should refer to?

  • Testing out the platform functionality here, but I'm hopeful it'll work well. I'm curious though, does pledging require storing crypto on a bitbacker wallet? Are monthly payments automated? #welcome

  • Well, I hope this takes off...

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