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  • Article on about the wallet design. Looks a bit messy due to honest stylesheets but will be fixed so it looks better later on. This is for those who are curious about the overall progress and are not following everything I post online, but rather want a more digestable summary of the progress so far.

  • In the last couple days I've been busy designing a wallet user interface. So far I've got a good onboarding process, home, send and receive screens, language and currency selection screens, a settings drawer and a loading screen. All of them supported in dark/night mode, all of them wired up in real working code. There's much work still to do, but a cash account focused wallet will offer a UI that much simpler than what we have today - and much more userfriendly.

  • Another quick update: the #cashid identity manager now has default identities and will automatically handle requests you scan if no new information was requested.

  • I did some more work on the #cashid identity manager today. Cut 1-2 seconds off of the boot-up time by bundling libraries and changed the startup process so that I can show the UI faster. Added vibration support for tactile feedback on scan completion and when getting responses back from service providers, and added handlers for the back button to close dialogs (instead of shutting down the app), as well as pause/resume handlers so that the app does not restart when you switch to other apps and back again.

  • I spent countless hours today setting up various android app development environments based on javascript trying to find a solution to slow startup times. Learned a bit about why it can takes several seconds to start up cordova and that react-native, while claiming to be native and performant, is still not near the target of 0.1s startup time for a simple "Hello World" mobile app. Will look into QT based apps, and if that doesn't work I'm going to have to choose between doing the best I can with the tools I got, or restart from scratch and go truly native by learning Java.

  • There has been a lot of performance changes in the BCH ecosystem and new node softwares are out there. I think we should look into doing another stresstest in 6 months and in order to be ready early I've started looking into what data is important to collect and how stress test methodology impacts the results of that data. It's better to think about it now, rather than to react to such a test as it comes.

  • I find it fascinating that you can pay multiple entities in a single transaction and think I have found a good usecase for that which I might want to explorer in more depth: Paying a supply chain. Here's an example of how I'd like to build a proof of concept. Make a simple game with more than one producer of value (say a musician, artist and game logic programmer) and define how the value should be distributed amongst them. Create a template for transaction outputs and then use OP_RETURN to store the games user actions and while simultaneously only being a valid transaction for the game if it pays the supply chain as intended. This would, to me, be one of the fairest open-access pay-for-value methods of monetization I can think of and a highly consistent and predictable income stream. Let me know if this interests you, if you think I should spend more time fleshing out the concept and if you'd like to be part of an initial supply chain for a proof of concept game.

  • The CashAccount Look-Up Server (CALUS), is now in decent shape and only requires some finishing touches and packaging. It is also running on, so you can try it out by fiddling with these two links:

  • I am now officially a member of Bitcoin Unlimited.

  • The lookup server is now functioning but does not automatically index when new blocks come along. While I'm working it will be available on this link to and from: Once I've cleaned things up and packaged it and it's automatically indexing when new blocks comes along I will announce it as a service.

  • I've compiled some random statistics for CashAccounts here: The indexing part of the lookup server is almost complete, it takes about 2 minutes to sync up from the activation block. In a few days I should have the actual lookups working.

  • My lookup server for CashAccounts can now parse and store: account names, account number, account collision hash, payload type, payload raw data, payload parsed address - with proper references to the blocks and transactions they belong in. Slightly behind my expected "ready by week end", but once I get the collision information stored and parse up to the current time, I will post some statistics about collision-rates, collision damage and the relation between names and unique payloads.

  • I contributed a minor facelist to the feed/explore views on bitbacker today, and will continue to pitch in small updates every night for some weeks to come until I've helped smooth out some of the rought edges.

  • Happy to be a sponsor. I've had Jonathan on Bitcoin Cast before, and love how all his projects are aimed at improving the user experience on Bitcoin Cash. Thanks for all you do for BCH!

  • To be able to follow up on the quality of the CashAccount protocol, I have started building a server part that will index all accounts and provide a public lookup API for wallets and optional statistics that I intend to present on the website. I expect this to take a couple days at best, and about a week if things move along as usual.

  • Copay is making CashAccounts and Reusable Addresses a top priority right now, with the intent of defaulting to only show userfriendly names when possible and hide the technical identifiers from the user until asked for. This should make their QR codes more legible / faster to scan as well, instead of having a large piece of data they are considering to put the CashAccount identifiers in the QR codes instead, or at least having the option to choose what data to share.

  • Easy to use wallets are the way to go! Thanks for your work.

  • Ematiu from copay just published - stealth address implementation coming to copay and relevant libraries to allow for reusable addresses. The main motivation is to get it to work with cash accounts so that we can have human identifiers that are easy to share and safe to store in contact lists and similar. Great work! <3

  • To give a better view on what I might be working on in the future, I've written a summary of the 5 most likely ideas:

  • In 3 days, on 16th january, Bitcoin Unlimited will vote for new membership applications. I have an application sent in and vouched for, so it seems likely that I will soon be a part of the voting group and over time I hope to get a bit more involved by posting BUIPs that relate to compatibility and user experience miprovements.

  • The Satoshis Coffeehouse conference that was expected to be held in february 2019 where I was invited as a talker, has hit some issues with their funding due to the steep price decline after the bubble burst. They're looking to merge it with another conference to reduce costs and still have their sights set for 2019.

  • I have been talking with @ematiu from copay about cash accounts and their implementation. They've decided to implement support for it but want to work out a reusable address scheme first. They've evaluated BIP-47 but deem it incompatible with multisig, which is an important feature to them. They are now working on a test implementation of Peter Todds stealth address specification and I've told them to coordinate with other wallets that want to support the same so there will be fewer walletspecific implementation details that is different from one wallet to another.

  • In order to better explain why funding is important, I thought I'd make a list of the things I'd like to use funds for - and thinking a bit about that this is likely a good uprade to the website. I've sent them the suggetion on twitter and they think it's a good idea. Perhaps in the future I will be able to create a stack of entries showing what's already covered, what is the current entry being worked on and what's next on the list after the current entry.

  • I have shared this with some people in conversation before but never really formally stated it in public. Sometime this year, I will travel to the Satoshis Coffeehouse conference and hold a talk about #cashid - see BUIP103: for details on the conference. One reason I haven't shared publically is because the conference date and website hasn't been set in stone yet - but the funding is secured and I have indeed been formally invited to come and present CashID in depth - 30 minute presentation. Sometime closer to release I might put up traning sessions of the talk here for those who want in early.

  • I released CashAccounts yesterday and just as I was about to start building this bitbacker profile and backstory to my financial sitation that led to me needing this - I got a generous donation from a user. Now I've enough to sustain myself for another month and will keep focusing on BCH related projects.

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