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Greetings fellow whites, Are you witnessing the slow decay of your country and everything your nation stands for? Do you want to see what it's like to be an unwilling participant to this trend without being able to do anything about it? Check me out! Weekly updates on how an immigration policy determined by capital markets shatters everything of value unless it belongs to the 1%! #diversity #immigration #economy

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  • Some of you may have heard of Rutger Bregman, the young historian who went to Davos to advocate for more taxes. His unaired interview with mainstream anchor Tucker Carlson was released by "Now This". You can download it here in case you have not seen it:!G3oSBQ4b!iUtvCyV6HJKIFi_SFb63Wg In order to gain more understanding of what's going on in this video, I'd like to take a step back and take a look at where we come from in terms of media influence and mainstream propaganda. Media and political prostitution were already decried in the '80s by Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov aka Thomas Schuman. Here is an exerpt of his Atlanta speech in 1985: "I just want to show you how much importance Soviet intelligence and Soviet propaganda attaches to such things as the religious cults which slowly destroy the basic moral fiber of your own country, your own religion and your own moral principles." See He then presents two of his ex co-workers on a picture before continuing: "Both of them worked together with me in a secret department called research and counter-propaganda. We did neither, what we did was compilation of information on each individual, keeping files on each person who is instrumental in promoting Soviet propaganda. Who can shape public opinion in his country. Create ideologies. Those who promote Soviet ideology will be promoted by us and by your elitist groups, like your tri-laterals and Council on Foreign Relations, like Ford foundation and others I forget, Rockefeller foundation. They will be promoted to positions of power and influence. By bribery, corruption and publicity. Those who resist Soviet propaganda will be listed by KGB for character assassination, defamation, slander, and/or execution. And if you think I'm crazy, please, unplug bananas from your ears, open up your eyes, remember the history." He then refers to the Vietnamese village of Hue the Soviets occupied for a few days and managed to round up and kill every western sympathiser in town by using a network of informants set up earlier, before concluding: "Like every normal human being, I refused to be guilty, I refused to believe something that is that horrible, just like some of you refuse to believe what I am saying. Why? Because it's unpleasant. Nobody wants to feel guilty. [...] 15 years later after my defection more than 15 countries went through this massacre. And I'm still considered to be a Cold War maniac. And your beautiful Kissingers, Brzezinskis and Shmissingers are considered to be normal people. Now who is more crazy, please. 15 years and more than 15 countries went through the bloodbath, when I'm still trying to explain to you please wake up." That was over 30 years ago. Needless to say his efforts were somehow unsuccessful and we now have to deal with the consequences, as in having a gradually dysfunctional reserve currency. Two things I'll point out: 1. The USSR went down because it got bankrupt as a result of its Afghan campaign and its successor clearly wants the same to happen to the US. They've been going at it for decades through media brainwashing in favor of the wars so it's kind of a little late to do anything about it. 2. For this reason I am investing, at least modestly into a form of currency that is bound to appreciate as the dollar depreciates. I'm not saying you should put all your savings into it and mortgage the house or put yourself into debt to buy crypto. Just a few bucks here and there to have something when I grow older. Like a retirement fund that will actually be worth something if I make it there. Not having at least a small percentage of crypto into your retirement portfolio exposes you to to every kind of risk associated with statement 1. #subversion #deception #demoralization #MSM #propaganda #crypto

  • US defense spending kept increasing despite the cold war being over for 20 years

  • On promoting diversity There was a time when it was okay for a North-African man to hang out with a white girl. That's what my parents did. Then I spent my childhood being bullied as you can bet that sort of mix isn't too common. Keep in mind: that was before 911. I just can't imagine what kids with that kind of background must go through at school today. Some will remember Ahmed Mohammed who made a clock for his science project and was arrested because all everybody could associate him with was terrorism so his clock must be a bomb right? At least his parents understood that he shouldn't go to school there as they finally realized what kind of environment it was. The existential question for guys like me becomes: how am I supposed to get laid in that kind of environment? I mean, going somewhere in the middle-east to marry a girl who doesn't know me and will dress like we're in Saudi Arabia isn't my thing, sorry. The other thing is, I had a first-hand opportunity of telling you, wow surprise, having a father who was not white caused me major problems that none of the other kids had to deal with. It was true at school, college, and, guess what, those earlier problems ensure that it stays true today at the workplace. Basically knowing that if you get with someone you might have a kid with them, you want to give your kid every advantage they can get in order to be successful in life. As far as I can tell based on my experience that means not giving the kid a reason to be associated with terrorism when he or she will be going to school, asking someone out or applying for a job. It's a lot to take in as it essentially translates as: if you get any and she gets knocked up, the circle of doom will continue, I will have cursed my own child for their entire life. Sounds cool right! Kebab removes himself from the gene pool, major accomplishment for the 4th Reich. But no. I'm a drop in the bucket. There are very evil people telling you that more diversity is needed everywhere they go. These folks are white and I guarantee you, they only want to cause trouble on the long run. They either have no idea of what they're doing, or as is more likely, they are puppets for others who know very well what they're doing. So this comes from the direct result of the brainwashed diversity they promote everywhere: people who promote diversity do not mean you any good. Not to you, not to your country, not to your people. Taking your hatred on those with a diversity background will only make things worse as they will keep promoting diversity in the meantime. Directing your energy by going after them in courts or every means possible is the only way I see of making things better not just for you, but for everyone. I guess as a bonus would be an end to downward wage pressure in some way - that's clearly why I got beaten up in my days - so you want to consider that it's all part of something a lot broader than they claim.

  • Hi! Welcome to my profile. The blog will contain opinions on international developments viewed from the perspective of a mixed race individual. You've certainly read and heard terrible things spread by mainstream media without necessarily knowing or being told why things were presented to you in a particular way. I will not engage in conspiration theories but more simply try to explain how news and events can be perceived from two different perspectives that may differ from another, without necessarily being incompatible. If you want to make sense of anything, as a rule of thumb, think of the oil. The posts will be public, if you like what you read you may tip at your discretion. Thanks for reading!

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