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White Cat Black Spot™ and Grey Cat Blue Eyes™ are two of the most popular felines on fediverse (as far as I know). WCBS is (read: "thinks she is") the cutest cat on earth. GCBE is a 16-year-old spoiled cat. Here you can become part of the official WCBS and GCBE Fan Club! Funds collected will go to the spoiling of the cats, as well as to finance future merch (thinking of the official 2020 WCBS/GCBE calendar) and WCBS/GCBE-themed publications. Follow WCBS: or Twitter @qleopurr Follow GCBE: or Twitter @lovecatloveface


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  • it's warm and sunny outside, and kitties are outside.

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  • Bronze Sponsor $5 a month
  • Silver Sponsor $10 a month

    (After 3 consecutive months of support/quarterly) Personal letter of appreciation, along with a surprise gift (we promise it's not a dead bird!)

  • Gold Sponsor $25 a month

    (After 3 consecutive months of support/quarterly) a personal letter of appreciation and a surprise gift (not a dead bird, dead rat, or dead bug!).

  • Platinum Sponsor $50 a month

    (after 3 months of consecutive support/quarterly) a personal letter of appreciation, a future shipment of the WCBS/GCBE calendar if it's published in time for 2020, and a surprise gift (ditto). * Please note - For all sponsorship levels: gifts may be unavailable if you reside in a country where shipping stuff is expensive or prohibitive. In such cases, we may substitute it with a digital product or a digital giftcard code that may be used in your country, or something that is easy to mail anywhere, such as a selection of commemorative postage stamps.