In the wake of Patreon’s censorship and suppressing efforts of its members, many have sought other alternatives., crypto inspired alternative to Patreon that promotes free speech and money free from any restrictions, is one of the safest bets. If you are a content creator, give this platform a shot as it is incredibly safe and convenient. Do you want to know how? Read through to learn more about it.

Bitbacker and content creator

Content creators love because of its bitcoin integration and innovative monetization techniques. Payment providers like PayPal and Stripe cannot influence or control the platform’s transactions because it employs cryptocurrencies. Many Patreon users, particularly those who make videos for YouTube, have switched to since Patreon terminated their accounts.

Powerchat feature

Powerchat feature’s Powerchat is one of their most popular features. It’s the only function that is not available in Patreon. Powerchat can be compared to Google’s super chat tool, but it’s much more user-friendly and effective.
People can use the super chat feature to ask questions or leave a message for the YouTuber, which will be displayed prominently at the top of the video and come with a contribution link. Google, on the other hand, keeps a portion of the revenue.

However, allows you to accomplish the same thing, but it just takes 1% of the payments as it uses crypto. It’s also a plus that you may use this feature without requiring you to create an account. Although Bitbacker requires an account to send messages, you don’t have to make one to communicate anonymously.


How to use Powerchat?

Follow these instructions to send an anonymous message.
Go to for more information.
Find the person to whom you want to send an anonymous message by using the search function.
Enter the amount you’d like to donate in the box provided on the user’s timeline, and then select the currency you’d want to use.
Input the message you wish to send
When you click on the Powerchat button, you’ll be given a QR Code to complete your transaction.
To finish the payment, click on the send button or the QR code. You can also complete the payment by copying the supplied link and pasting it in your cryptocurrency wallet.
If you want to sign up for the platform, the procedure is the same.

How to use Bitbacker for content creators?


If you’re a content creator, join Bitbacker, set up an account, and link your cryptocurrency wallet to it.
For people to communicate with you through Powerchat, enter your chosen address in the Public Keys section of your profile.
Another easy way to make money through live chats is using Bitbacker. Entering the link to your live broadcast is all that’s required to see all of the messages.
All of your Bitbacker donations are stored in the crypto wallets you’ve linked to your Bitbacker account.
Because only you may post something on your wall, Bitbacker is highly safe. However, this excludes comments and donations received via your Powerchat.