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My background: I have written 21 books of Catholic theology, plus 17 booklets, on a range of topics: ethics, Mariology, Biblical chronology, eschatology, and salvation theology. I have translated the entire Vulgate Bible from Latin into English, and I have placed that translation in the public domain (the Catholic Public Domain Version). Backers ($4/month or more) will receive a once monthly newsletter with Catholic news commentary, theology articles, reader Q&A, and more. (Twice monthly, if it becomes popular) Backers ($8/month or more) can receive answers to theological questions from me by e-mail at any time, and also receive the newsletter (above). May suggest topics for posts and receive more lengthy answers to questions they pose in comments on my blogs ( and Backers at $20/month or more get everything from lower tiers, plus a free copy of each new book I publish in Kindle format (read in any web browser).

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