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Serfnews is a crossplatform curation project. Platforms include PART-TIME: PART-TIME: SPONSOR ONLY: SPONSOR ONLY: SPONSOR ONLY: Instagram SPONSOR ONLY: SPONSOR ONLY: SPONSOR ONLY: Touchit.Social Check out Support Tiers to see what I offer. SUPPORTS ONLY: I Will periodically create a tutorial Video about one of the Platforms I cover in my curation, this will include the features how they work and my personal opinion of the over all experience using the platform.

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    This is how you can thank me for sharing your content to more people

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    Serfnews will cover a Profile for you on a Platform Not Covered. +Premium Profiles MUST INCLUDE ACCESS Cost +Twitter Profiles Need this to bypass the f4f rule

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    Just like Profile Support but I make an Issue dedicated to that Platform as a Whole