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  • What is #buddhism ? Buddhism is the Activity of the Tathagatas. It is called Buddhism we are told because the Founder of this Teaching came to the Realization that the Human Body is the Spiritual Manifestation of the Source that is why it is said we are Born from the Source into the Source and Only the Human can Know and Experience Thus. This Human who came to Thus Experience of Noticing that His Unification with the Place which he abides in produced the Disappearance of the Consciousness and this State was not a Fixated State thus it would Give Birth by Separating thus UN Nam-able State and a New Fresh Self Appeared that Noticed that an Activity just took place therefore in his Era that he lived in they Named him a Buddha to personify his Understanding of this very Spiritual Human Activity we all possess. We must also see that the Purpose of the Source is to make a New Version of the Source. This Human taught that One can not Fixate and attach to the I am Self as it is a Limited Version of a Larger Body which also must not be attached to. With in this Larger Body He Identified two activities within the Whole. These Two activities are the Tenets of the Teaching of Tathagata Zen. They are Life and Death or the Love of Life and the Love of Death and they act Simultaneously to make the Whole. In the Whole is the State before your consciousness is Born the UN Nam-able State. When He continued to analyze this Activity he found that the Consciousness also possessed these essential activities but they are just a Limited Version a most minuscule Version a Emission or Plasma that was found in between being Embraced by the two larger Bodies. So How does our Consciousness Appear and Develop? Thru the Human Body's Sensory and Feeling Function with the Environment it Abides in we find Both Subject and Object contributing Simultaneously an Emission Each to make a Limited Version of the Whole and as this Happens The Pure States of Father and Mother Now Appear in also there Limited States Embracing the Shared Child of there Meeting. This is the World of Past Present and Future. When Consciousness dose not need to be done any more neither does sensation and feeling. When Consciousness manifests the Consciousness that dose not need to do Consciousness anymore this is the State of Salvation this is the State of Perfect Wisdom. So how does this meeting take place? How do we Ghost into the Other? Tathagata Zenists Must Step into the others world with a Penitent Heart and by Doing so Subject Merges with Object but in order to do this they must both contribute an Emission each in order to reach each others World. When each is standing on the others World it is a Wonderful Merger and we are so Rejoiced to be Here. This is an Activity so we know we cant stay Here for to long as we are cautioned never to Fixate in any State during our Activity so we must Return to where we came from as this is only Half of the Whole. Remember we cant even do the Activity of Ghosting if we are Unconditionally Accepting our I am Selves. Fixating our Consciousness will prevent it from being Given in order to Merge. So Plus and Minus must Turn around and look back to where they came from but somethings in the way. Its what was given in order step into the others World this New Self is in the way of Subject and Object Returning to there Sources So it Must be Dissolved and Each Emission must be Returned to where it came from that is why its said Over and Over again we Must Dissolve ourselves and by Doing So the Infinitely small Minus and Infinitely small Plus are Returned to there Source and the Whole is Complete and there is No I am Self in this Whole and we arrive back at our Home where we Personify this State as the State of True Love this is the State that does not Reject and can not be Rejected this is the State of Zero or Traditionally know as Emptiness. When we practice this Continually Changing Process This Activity must be Contemplated till Known and Seen Experienced in the Flesh over and over again and even when we reach this Matured State of Known and Seen we still must do the act of Annihilation as our Self Reproach for Imperfect Practice Fills Everything.

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