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  • Heres the video of the last League of Liberty podcast for supporters of my show only! This is from earlier in December. Enjoy it!

  • The latest show releasing tomorrow is now up for supporters! New Year, New Laws 2019 - TLF116 A new year is here, and it brings with it thousands of laws around the country. Are these laws a net positive or negative for liberty? What's in the News with stories on new ways to support The LAVA Flow, TSA nonsense, FDA screws us, troops pulled from Syria and Afghanistan, cops force a man to be raped, cops destroy evidence. Finally, a Statists Gonna State on the supposed government shutdown.

  • I just added #smartcash as an option for you to pledge. I love me some SmartCash! They are an advertiser on my show, so make sure to show them some love!

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