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The Liberty Hippie is the guy behind the Homesteads and Homeschools podcast where he interviews a variety of guests involved in the homesteading or homeschooling movement gleaning information that we can all use to better our own systems. Show notes and written content can be found at

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    Spreading Seeds Of Liberty everywhere! At this level you'll get a sweet Homesteads and Homeschools sticker that will make any vehicle a roving Liberty Distribution site, and some free seeds from the Good View Quarter seed vault!

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    All the goodness of the Radicles, but on top of a dope sticker, and some free heirloom seeds from the Good View Quarter seed vault, you'll get access to all the bonus content including Free Markets, Green Earth, extended interviews, and anything else that may arise! Plus you'll get access to the secret facebook group so you can help develop the direction of the show!

  • The True Leaves $10 a month

    True Leaves get everything the Cotyledons, and Radicles get, plus you'll get a sweet re-useable Homesteads and Homeschools tote bag you can use to pick up your veggies at the local CSA (or whatever else you want to throw in there.)

  • The Seedlings $15 a month

    Want to get access to the bonus content, a sticker, a tote bag, and a t-shirt? Become a seedling and you can have all of that goodness shipped right to your mailbox!