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My name is The Pholosopher, as I am a lover of philosophy and Phở. 🍜 I am passionate about Voluntaryism, the maximization of consent and the minimization of the initiation of violence, because I believe the application of this philosophy to all human interactions will lead us to long lasting happiness, peace, and prosperity. I believe that changing minds and culture is the most effective way to advance liberty. Therefore, I focus on creating a variety of content (from memes, to infographics, to videos, even music videos :P) aimed at conveying the value of philosophy, self-knowledge, and Voluntaryism to as many people as possible. Thank you for considering using your hard-earned capitalist wealth to support my efforts to change minds and influence culture. Cheers, to the spread of liberty and peace, ~ The Pholosopher

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    Join the greatest club for burgeoning philosophers out there and help make new channel content possible! By joining my club, you'll get access to: 🍜 My supporter-only feed, which includes personal vlogs and behind the scenes footage! 🍜 Participate in my polls to influence which video topics are produced next!

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    By joining at the Pho level, you'll get access to all of the above and be able to: 🍜 Join me in a monthly, 1-hour live hangout with other supporters at this level! We'll have an open, non-PC forum to discuss ethics, the latest events and debates, and ways to continue spreading the philosophy of liberty! All whilst getting to know each other and having good raughs.