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  • BitBacker has been acquired by Flote! Follow me there:

  • Going live on YouTube and Facebook at 10pm EST to provide an update on our Red Flag Reality film project! See you soon! ^^

  • What is Money? has been released! Thank you so much to everyone who let me know that you wanted to see this video made! I hope that it serves as a great summary video to share when discussing the nature of money and what makes for "good" or "bad" money. Also, thanks to you all, my direct supporters, I was able to afford a camera upgrade! This video and videos in the future will now be available in 4K HD. Let me know what you think of the new 4K video quality! Love you all. Thank you so much! I'll be posting the next video topics soon.

  • One thing I watch to relax: Time capsules of past Liberty scholars 🥰 💛🖤❤

  • Going live tonight at 10:30pm EST (7:30pm PST) with Jack V Lloyd to discuss the nature and ramifications of Red Flag laws. Hope to see you guys/ladies tonight! ^^ Will be going live on YouTube and Facebook~ Set a reminder on YT:

  • Video Released! Compared to what? Thank you to those who let me know what you wanted to see next! Cheers! Pho~

  • July's video topic has been chosen! I am happy to be back from a very inspiring week at Mises U. ^^ Out of 8 people, 3 of you chose, "Importance of Compared to What?" So that's the video I'll make this month! Great choice! Thank you!

  • I'm so excited to attend Mises U this year! I also feel very grateful for the invitation to attend. This is going to be a whole week of being immersed in the philosophy of liberty and free-market economics! 🥰 If you are attending, do let me know or try to find me and say hi!!! I will be posting as many videos and pictures that I can coming up! ~Pho 🥳🥳💛🖤

  • Celebrated at the beach for Independence day 2019. There were hundreds of people celebrating together and launching fireworks at various places along the beach. I loved walking around and seeing everyone having a good time within their own family and friend groups. Lots of people laughing and dancing. Lots of families and couples hugging, taking pictures, and enjoying the sunny weather. No physical fights broke out that I saw and the police were busy dealing with traffic and didn't break up any of the fireworks setting fun. I got to enjoy the peace and the ocean and the sun. It affirmed for me why I want so badly for there to be peace and liberty amongst human beings. How did you spend the day?

  • Which video should I make for July? [] What is Wealth? [] What is Money? [] 3 Common Logical Fallacies in Internet Debates [] Importance of Compared to What? (Poll ends 7/14/2019)

  • Since we had a tie across Patreon and Bitbacker (no responses on SubscribeStar), I will break it and choose introduction to forming an argument for June's video. We'll call it, "3 steps to forming an argument!" Thank you for letting me know what you wanted! 💛

  • Which philosophy video should I make for June? [] Introduction to Forming an Argument [] Compared to What? [] 4 Traits of a Sophist [] Introduction to Critical Thinking Comment below with what you'd like to see next. Thank you! ^^ (Poll ends 6/9/2019)

  • TIT + Hangman Challenge in Support of Voluntaryist Origins III on Indiegog

  • May's Live Hangout Day, Time, and Link! For this month's hang, I'll be hanging here, on Saturday, June 1st, from 10:00PM to 11:00 PM Eastern (EST): If you'd like to join but are unable to make the day or time, feel free to IM me or email me via thepholosopher(at) with the day and time you'd prefer! See you then (hopefully)! ^^

  • Released! Vaccines & Voluntaryist Principles

  • May's Video Will Be About... Vaccines and Voluntaryist Principles! Thank you to everyone who let me know what you wanted to see next! ^^

  • What should I make May's video about? Comment below since I can't make polls here on BitBacker!〈( ^.^)ノ [] The Voluntaryist Declaration of Independence [] How Government Destroys Wealth [] Vaccines and Voluntaryist Principles [] 3 Reasons Why UBI Doesn't Work

  • New video! I go over 3 ways that the government prevents solutions to homelessness. YouTube video: Learn about charitable endeavors by Voluntaryists here: #homelessness #homeless #charity #freemarket #taxationistheft #capitalism

  • April's Live Hangout Link! As this seems to be the best day/time for folks, I'll be hanging here, on Saturday, April 27th, from 10:00PM to 11:00 PM Eastern (EST): If you'd like to join but are unable to make the day or time, let me know what day/time you'd prefer! Hope to see you then! ^^

  • Results are In! April's Video Topic Is... 3 ways the government prevents solutions to homelessness! Per the Patreon poll. The external poll didn't receive any responses. Cheers!

  • Wow. This convention lineup is looking great! Especially looking at the Vendors/Sponsors at the bottom. 😏😉 Convention:

  • What topic should I cover for April's video? :D

  • Thank you to all who were able to come out for the livestream! Especially to Zach, Aimee, Beto, and Adrian (sorry if I missed anyone) who made the livestream extra comfortable and fun for me. Y'all made it feel like I was just hanging out with a bunch of my friends! I had a LOT of fun and am excited to see that the comic campaign has already reached 30% of goal at over $1,500 raised! WooHoo! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶ You can check out the campaign here: Cheers! Have a lovely weekend!! ~Pho (❤ω❤)

  • Livestreaming this Friday at 8:45PM PST // 11:45PM EST! This Friday, March 29th, I'll be hosting a livestream on my Youtube channel with Jack Lloyd to launch the Indiegogo campaign for the Voluntaryist comic series! I'll be bringing some Japanese sake for us to drink while we discuss the comic and the exciting new perks we're introducing for this campaign. I'm excited!! Here is a link to the Facebook event: Come hang out with us this Friday, if you can! Would love to see you there! ^^ Cheers, Pho

  • Video released! "Dear Mexican Immigrants, Why did you flee Mexico?" I hope this resonates with my fellow immigrants or children of immigrants! ❤️

  • March's Live Hangout Link! As this seems to be the best day/time for folks, I'll be hanging here, on Saturday, March 30th, from 10:00PM to 11:00 PM Eastern (EST): Hope to see you then! ^^

  • March Video Topic Poll results! So a few people let me know what they wanted to see next. Two topics tied for first place so I'm breaking the tie and choosing the topic, "Dear Mexican Immigrants, Why Did You Leave Mexico?" I'm excited to see the reaction to this video! Working on it now~

  • Day 365 of 365 posting stories about defensive gun use. WE DID IT! A whole year of daily defensive gun use stories! Thank you so much, everyone, for following along with the series! I will continue to post stories about defensive gun use, so stick around for more coverage of guns saving lives. Cheers! 😁💛💛💛

  • Current mood: 💛💛💛

  • Hi everyone! What video would you like to see for March??!! Trying out a new survey service! I like this one better than Microsoft Forms so far because it doesn't allow unlimited submissions without requiring you to sign in with an account. Please let me know what you'd like to see next, here!: Thank you for your time! ^^ ~Pho 😄❤️

  • Video released! Flexing your rights with police!

  • Link to February's Hangout!! Hey there guys and gals! I'll be hanging out here, on Saturday, March 2nd, from 9:00pm to 10:00 PM Eastern (EST): Hope to see you there! 😄🍜

  • Flex your rights sneak peak: Had a fun time roleplaying as a cop. During the shoot, some middle schoolers ran up to us, out of breath, and asked, "Are you guys shooting a porn?!?!" while they recorded us. Hahaha. Now onto editing the video! Should be released by Monday the 25th. ^^ Thank you!! 😉🥂

  • February's video topic poll resulted in a tie! Hmm this will be a tough tie to break. I'd love to cover the health insurance one because of Ocasio-Cortez but at the same time, I've been wanting to do the flex your rights video for a long time as I want more people to know how to handle police encounters! We shall see! The video for this month will either be "3 Reasons Why People Don't Understand Health Insurance" or "3 Ways to Flex Your Rights in a Police Encounter." Either way, it will be good! 😄 ヾ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)ノ♪

  • Just finished watching this documentary, titled, "The Money Masters (1996)": Great overview of the history and rise of central banks and the money masters, going all the way back to before Christ. Whoever controls the money, controls the world, and thus the money masters indeed have the greatest power and influence over world affairs. While the solution proposed by Bill Stills would be better than what is now, the truly ethical and prosperous solution would be to free the market and allow individuals the freedom to choose what forms of money they'll trade with and the freedom to diversify their money holdings as they see fit. This is definitely not a history lesson taught in public schools!

  • This is the poll for February's video topic! Let me know what video I should make next! ^^

  • January hangouts link! I'll be hanging out here, on Saturday, February 2nd, from 10:00 to 11:00 PM Eastern (EST): See you then! :D ^^

  • Video released! How Public Schools foster Socialism and Communism! Great choice! Now I'm off to bed.[(--)]zzz

  • Just wanted to share this podcast from Tom Woods that I found really insightful: It has inspired a lot of ideas in my head for taking Pholosopher to the next level~ Entrepreneurs are living examples of the beauty and peace that can be achieved through voluntary, nonviolent interactions. 💖 #PeakAnCap

  • Based on the results of the poll, the next video topic for this month is going to be about how public schooling fosters socialism. I'm excited to get to work on this one. Thank you for letting me know what you wanted to see next!

  • Which of the below four topics would you like January's video to be about? Comment below with all that you like! The poll itself is on Patreon but I'll include responses here in the final poll count. Cheers! And happy Saturday! ^^ 🍜 3 Norms of Property Acquisition 🍜 How Public School Fosters Socialism 🍜 The conversation with Gun Grabbers that won't happen (skit and roleplay) 🍜 3 Ways the Media Manipulates and Lies about Guns

  • Thanks to your generous support, I have made a new music video for reaching my first Patreon goal! Please share the video with the hashtag #ancapgrind to help make it go viral! To view with lyrics, watch on YouTube and click the Closed captions button:

  • Video released! 3 Foundations of Property Rights~

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