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2019 is my year to Repair, Rebuild start a new adventure

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  • Hi gang, I'm probably a couple of weeks out but I have been using Brave browser on my phone for a few months and have found it quite good. I just completed some rudimentary questions after watching a few videos on Coinbase about Zcash and BAT, there is also one there for XLM but it's not open to anyone outside of the US at the moment. I have just installed the Brave browser on my laptop imported my bookmarks and contacts from Chrome, and I have to say I'm liking it. Has anyone else in Bitbacker Land had similar experiences with Brave good or bad I would be interested to know as the premise of the browser's use case is quite promising. Thanks in advance for your responses Kev

  • Just finished my pledges for April feels good to actually pay my bills early means I can relax for a bit longer before the next round of Pledges come through. Mmmm wonder if I can transition this to everyday life and pay all my bills early Naaah they get enough out of me already money better in my account that in some utility providers account, that's one thing mass adoption will make easier paying bills with Crypto bring it on !!!

  • Just wanted to give a huge Thank you to EWC for sponsoring little ole me. Big ole Quokka hug coming at you

  • Thanks for being here with #SmartCash!

  • Just getting some of my pledges in order but having a few problems, do the pledges come out at the same time each month and once there set do they continue automatically each month

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