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tvbbackio needs to add an address to recieve powerchats!

  • Um...I don't want any sponsors. When I tried to do a pledge (as opposed to a one-time powerchat donation or whatever) I was directed to a login page. So I set up an account thinking that I probably needed a wallet from which to supply BTC or something. Seems that an account at is only for getting money as opposed to contributing it?!? I don't care to continue the setup process by supplying a BTC addy because I don't want anyone sending me anything. This because I don't do anything (unlike the many outstanding alt-media producers) and I don't need money. Better documentation and less confusing workflow please!

  • Signed up with Google Apps put the mail verification in the spam folder of course. When I first clicked the link, a scary warning about an un-trusted site came up. I wish I would have capture the domain, but it wasn't And when I proceeded anyway did not appear to have gotten their confirmation. When I clicked the link again (to get the scary-looking URL mostly) things went fine and did the confirmation. Interesting stuff. If the platform is getting harassed by big evil already then maybe it is OK.

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