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Welcome to V0LT! My name is Conner Vieira and I do a little bit of everything when it comes to computers. At V0LT, I develop software tools, games, manuals, tutorials, music, and web services. Most of the things I create I put on my website ( for free. There are a few paid products, though I try to keep these to a minimum. If you enjoy one of my free products, a donation is greatly appreciated, as it helps me continue to develop software.

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  • Sponsor $1 a month

    Just $1 a month is a huge help in keeping V0LT alive. At this level you'll receive official V0LT sponsor status.

  • Early Access $5 a month

    At this level, you'll be given early access to V0LT products if possible. While they may not be fully finished, you'll still be one of the first to experience new V0LT software and content. $5 a month is a huge amount for a small scale developer like me, so you can expect more special rewards as time goes on.

  • Influencer $25 a month

    $25 is a massive amount for a small scale developer, so at this level, you'll directly influence new V0LT products. Suggestions for new content, software, and services will be directly taken into account when beginning development.

  • Top Tier $100 a month

    There isn't much I can do to justify getting a $100 pledge. At this tier, I'll personally do my best to help you with your personal tech problems and requests, even if they are completely unrelated to V0LT.