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  • Response to a video from "the chart guys". Indeed. These spikes are just the whales splashing around. No one believes these sudden spikes will create a trend so there is no followthrough. In fact when there's a spike up now, volume decreases because everyone knows there's going to be another spike back down. So I just buy some bitcoin on or near every payday, and go on with my life. I buy then dump it into cold storage. Over the next few years I expect to make life changing gains and retire 10 or 11 years early. The traders, the whales, the crooked fractional reserve exchanges, and the CIA NWO driven insiders, have all succeeded in sucking the stupid money out of the market. All the sheep who piled in with their credit card advances have been killed and now they are gone. Now there is nothing in the market but the giant tyrannosaurus rex predators who are all trying to suck money out of each other. There's another group though and that's the Bitcoin hodlers such as myself. While the "giants" (the insider traders, the whales, and the CIA NWO driven groups) are tearing each other's guts out, there are still some guys like me sneak in a couple times a month, pickup a few scraps that the giants have dropped, and sneak away before they can notice us. Every payday (at these prices) I add another 0.28 btc to my little treasure chest. Then I go on with the nice frugal life I've created for myself until payday rolls around again. I can keep this up for years. Many years ago Satoshi Nakamoto stole the secret of money from the gods (The gods being international banks and their puppets who run the government). The gods hunted for him but he was sneaky and disappeared before they could find him. But before he disappeared he left the secret to us and we ran with it, added to it and improved it. Now we no longer have to depend on the money of the gods which constantly sucks energy and wealth out of us, leaving us in poverty after a lifetime of labor. We have Bitcoin now. Once you have some bitcoin properly stored it's more yours than anything else in this world ever will be or ever can be. That's a power that only the gods used to have and it belongs to us now. This you can trust.

  • MGTOW: What have women lost now that so many men are refusing to marry? I also cover a few other red pills.

  • Did you see that bitcoin price pump from 3606 to 3870 today? That's the thing about these big wall street whales. They will move the market up and down and establish a pattern that people think will continue. Then when the price pumps like today they sell into it. Then when they finally want to move the market to a new level like back to 4 or 6 thousand, most regular working class guys like me are mostly in cash while the price skyrockets into the stratosphere. That's one of the reasons I don't trade. I just buy some bitcoin every payday and go on with my life. Eventually when the market goes back to the all time high, I'll benefit from the price increase with my entire stack. And while the price is low as it is now I'll continue to buy the cheap bitcoins that the big boys are selling short. I can't beat the wall street types in trading, I'm well aware of that, but I can match them in patience. That's the only way I can beat them. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a nice price increase during the proof of keys event. If people want to pull their crypto off the exchanges, there will be fewer tokens for the exchanges to use for short selling. So during that event shorts may be covered (and repurchased) so the crypto can be removed from the exchange. That could cause a short term price increase. This is just a guess. I'm just a diesel mechanic so don't trade on my advice. (-:

  • I'm an old prepper and silver stacker. I just treat bitcoin like another kind of precious metal. I buy some every payday, lock it in the bank box and go on with my life. I doubt I'll ever sell a large percentage of my bitcoins. When the demand for bitcoins increases and they reach the point where it pencils out that I can retire on them, I'll do so. Then I'll sell my paid off house (store the 300k I should get for it, in vaulted gold) and use that as a buffer for the bull and bear markets. When bitcoins are doing well I'll draw my expenses from bitcoins. When they're having a year like this year I'll draw from what I can get for selling the house. I'll keep the amount of bitcoins I cash in under 38,600 a year. Below that level no capital gains taxes are due. I live very comfortably on way less than that right now (income from my mechanic job 4600, spending 1400, and my surplus is usually over 3000 a month). I buy some bitcoin every payday, drop it into the bank box, and it's totally painless. I can keep this up for years if necessary. I love how compact and weightless Bitcoins are. If I needed to travel anywhere on foot with my silver it would be way too heavy to go very far with it, and I certainly couldn't travel overseas with it. With bitcoins however, I could get on a plane, fly to one of these low cost countries and live many years on those bitcoins (even at the current price of 3600), and there's nothing customs can do about it because I wouldn't need to even have them with me. I could just stash them onto encrypted cloud storage and i'm good. LOL, I probably would have done that if Hillary were elected, But as long as Trump is in office I'll stick around, keep fixing trucks for a living, and keep buying bitcoins.

  • I'm a Bitcoin Maximalist. As tempting as it is to buy alts right now and enjoy the greater bounce from the recent bottom, I'm staying in Bitcoin. All my BTC is locked into cold storage, and then my cold storage method is locked in the safe deposit box. In order to move my stack into alts I would have to pay a ton of capital gains taxes (even at 4000 dollar bitcoins) and that would most likely wreck any gains I'd make in alts over bitcoin. So I'll just continue as I have been. I'll hold my bitcoins and keep harvesting some of the surplus income from my mechanic job and keep buying another 1000 usd worth of bitcoin every payday. I've been doing this for years. Sure the bounce in bitcoin isn't as great but I also didn't crash as hard in 2018 as I would have if I held alt coins. And if I stay in BTC I'll have no capital gains taxes to report which will make them very simple to complete. I'll take about 10 minutes and fill out the EZ form and send it off. Also this Christmas rally might be short lived. All these Bitcoiners who sell their bitcoin for alts could get wrecked when the plug on the rally is pulled and we crash again. If that happens bitcoin will crash but it won't crash as far. Honestly the only crypto I really trust is Bitcoin. It seems as though the farther one gets away from Bitcoin the more scamy an asset becomes. Eth was bad enough, with their massive pre-print and their unlimited token generation scheme but newer alts that do the same thing as Eth are even more scamy with an even greater pre-print which went directly into the pocket of the insiders. Then you have truly obscene scamy pre-prints that are so disgusting that I can't understand why anyone even considers buying them. XRP is a good example. It's a disgusting sht show of ultra scamy greed combined with a bunch of innocent sheep who buy it. And if that wasn't bad enough you get coins that aren't just scamy, they're outright scams such as bitcoin private. They had a secret pre-print of their token that they stuck in their pocket without telling anyone and that's a level of fraud that deserves to be prosecuted as such and the insiders need to see some jail time. So my best strategy is to continue as I have been. Buying the most Rock solid, absolutely least scamy of all crypto currency tokens out there. And that's Bitcoin.

  • Yeah! I got a power chat from anonymous! Unfortunately I don't see a way to add a comment to his power chat so I can't seem to answer him directly. He asked if Monero would be a safer way to support people and I have to agree to some extent. Bitcoin is of course more popular for several reasons but it's not as anonymous as a privacy coin. In time I imagine services like this will start using the lightning network, which is a good deal more anonymous than the bitcoin main chain but we will also see services like Bitbacker start using other tokens as well, including Monero. This is only the beginning. (-:

  • What's better to hold, Gold or Silver? The response to that question is complicated so I put my answer in video form. It's still processing but when it's done it should be visible here.

  • Please explain how Bitcoin is supposed to be a reliable way to donate. Mastercard can lean on cryptocurrency exchanges as easily as it leans on Patreon. Wouldn't Monero be safer?

  • Just found Bitbacker. It couldn't have arrived at a more critically needed time.

  • I cancelled all my dealings with Patreon due to censorship. I'm hoping this Bitcoin version of Patreon will be more resistant to being subverted as they were.

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