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Hi! I'm Willow. I started the i60 Projects as a way to reimagine religion as a catalyst for liberation. The i60 Projects manifests itself as three major branches: Mind Geographic is a spiritual direction practice that centers and is informed by the lived experiences of autistic and other neurodiverse people of all religious and/or spiritual tendencies. This unique ministry distinguishes itself by celebrating the diversity and building upon each person's inherent dignity, gifts, and strengths. Mind Geographic's confidential services are available worldwide through channels such as Telegram and Discord. While Mind Geographic's services are fee-based, we offer fee reductions/waivers on a case-by-case basis. At Willow Loves Thexlogy!, you will gain an understanding of the diverse landscape of religious beliefs in North America (and beyond!) and how theology affects your everyday lives, such as our cultures, interpersonal relationship, unspoken social assumptions, and political discourse. The mission of WLT is to make theology understandable, relevant, and accessible to people who are outside of seminaries and church conventions, and to offer it in a size you can read in one sitting. The third branch of the i60 Projects is the Rovers' Chapel (to open in the near future), a virtual, global chapel where one can anonymously/pseudonymously access a range of chaplaincy/pastoral services on a donation basis. Additional future services include premium learning programs, consultation for churches on the topics of neurodiversity, and consultation for businesses and community organizations. The i60 Projects is non-sectarian, non-proselytizing, and interfaith, although it is largely informed by Protestant and New Thought backgrounds. In addition to being committed to neurodiversity, we are also committed to racial and economic justice and for LGBTQ+ equality. Your continuing financial support will help the i60 Projects to offer high-quality services and education materials. This page enables supporters to contribute using major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). For other options, write to Willow for directions. Lastly, but not the least, Willow always appreciates your prayer.

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  • Willow $5 a month

    An invitation to a member-only Discord server; monthly newsletter (email).

  • Holly $10 a month

    All of the above benefits, plus a birthday card and a holiday card personally from Willow.

  • Hazel $20 a month

    All of the above benefits, plus ONE complimentary online session (up to 2 hours) per calendar year [* after minimum 4 months of received contributions]

  • Myrtle $50 a month

    All of the Willow and Holly benefits, plus ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: TWO complimentary online sessions with Willow (up to 2 hours each), ONE complimentary enrollment in a WLT educational program, OR one-day in-person visit and lunch/dinner with Willow (you must arrange for your own transportation and lodging at your own expense). [Minimum 4 months of received contributions required.]

  • Maple $100 a month

    All of Willow, Holly, and Myrtle benefits plus a full weekend one-on-one with Willow. [Minimum 9 months of received contributions required. You will be responsible for your own travel expenses.]